Choice based lettings

We use a choice-based approach to letting homes as we believe it offers greater choice and can help support tenancy sustainability.

We want you to have more choice about where you want to live. We will publicise the details of homes available and you can choose which ones you would like to be considered for. We use the term 'Placing a bid' if you wish to register your interest in a property. 

When assessing housing need, we still have to consider the reasonable preference groups set out in law and decide what provision to make for different types and levels of need within each category.

We advertise vacant homes and on the closing date, at the end of each bidding period, a list of all bids received for each advertised property will be drawn up and an offer is made to the applicant with the highest level of priority for that particular home.

If more than one applicant has the same priority, the applicant who has had the priority for the longest time would be offered the property.