A mutual exchange is when two or more tenants wish to swap their properties.

A tenant can exchange with:

  • another Angus Council tenant
  • a tenant of a registered social landlord
  • a tenant of another council

We will allow an exchange if it is in line with our social housing allocation policy. Other landlords will have their own rules about this.

A mutual exchange ends the tenant's current tenancy and a new one is started. A tenant cannot exchange their property without permission from their landlord.

To find a suitable match you can register on the House Exchange website. When a match is found both parties need to complete a mutual exchange application form.

If you need help to use the House Exchange website, please contact us using our general enquiries form.

You should check the condition of the other property as once the exchange has taken place, you are responsible for the property.

You should also agree with the other tenant if anything is to be left such as carpets or curtains.

Check the tenancy agreement of the other tenant to make sure you know if there are any differences to your current tenancy.

If you are a joint tenant, all tenants must agree to the exchange.